My Favorite Songs

1. Dead and gone

2. Grenade

3. Pursuit of happiness

4.Marry you

5. Faithfully ( Glee)

6. Just the way you are

7. Losing My religion ( Glee)

8. Bohemian rhapsody ( Glee)

9. Bed Intruder

1o. Bad Romance

11. Billionaire


Glee is my favorite TV show, it is funny,  has magnificent characters, it has a genius plot line, and is vary addictive. My favorite character is probably Kurt because he is a very different character, usually teen aged boys in shows like glee are all tough and manly, but Kurt is the opposite. Who is your favorite   character?

Summer Is Over

Summer is over

That’s a bummer

It’s much glummer

Then I wish

We are just like a school of fish

School has started

That’s not cool

It makes me drool

I wish I could jump in a out door pool

I have to settle for a hot tub instead

Or stay in bed with the flu

So I say boo

Half way allready

I am sad because the summers almosthalf way done , but when I of all the great things I have done I feel better, I have gone to clear water, summer camp,miracle beach and swam in many different places and I won’t forget about all the sleep overs.And I have manymore things I am doing like going to California.

Summer time

It’s summer time,I am so excited. What should I do with my summer?

I am going to California, clear water and hopefully a vaulting competition.The competition is going to be so fun I am hopefully going in barrel costume pairs and trot free stile!

I hope you have a good summer.


Rain will you ever stop(a)symmetrical by mr.beaver

Stop raining please

Rain you look so sad

Rain can you stop

Why wont you stop

It is cold and damp

It makes everyone unhappy

It shod be sunny not rainy

Rain rain go away


Image by mr.beaver


IMG_2348The sun is on my back

It is warming me up

The sun is making me happy

I smile when it is sunny

But I hate sun burns

I like the sun

The gos away

Then comes back

Good bye sunny day

Image by nicdlr


Hand-sewn Peace Sign by incurable hippie“Canada has always treated people with justice and fairness. “

That is not true. Canada has done the wrong thing many times. For example, in the last couple of years a confused Polish man was tasered to death in the Vancouver International Airport. He had been looking for his mother for 9 hours, couldn’t speak English and was tired and frustrated. Another example is when a Canadian politician decided, in World War 2 that no Jewish people could come to Canada from Germany. Canada has made many mistakes. I hope Canada makes better choices in the future.

Image by incurable hippie

I can’t Wait

There are ups and downs of summer.  Not going to school is good, so is the beach, lots of traveling,  ice cream, sleeping out side and of course lots of horse back riding.  But there has to be some unenjoyable  things  about summer , it is so warm (I like it when I am swimming) ,the horses don’t like it if it’s to hot and my ice cream melts which is a real bummer. Guess where I get to go to in the summer ? I get go to California, I am so exited!