Me as a reader

     I dread reading. It is sooo pointless, especially “history”.  Ahhh, I loath that word. Books about any type of that evil word are horrid, disgusting and inhumane. But there is one acceptable type of book… happy horse books. Horses themselves are wonderful, regal and completely and utterly transfixing. Back to books, I will let you in on a secret. The first book I read was Green Eggs and Ham. And my favourite place to read is in bed. Guess what my brother likes to read? History! When I was little my  brother read to me for practise.

The tale of Cat and Rat

Cat and rat went to the store

Cat and rat, Cat and rat

Cat and rat love and ardor

Cat and rat, Cat and rat

And they care for Hare

Hare is sad, hare sick

Hare has a waking stick

But hare’s waking stick is mad and bad

So that is the tale of Cat and Rat.


Cold deaths

 Still deaths

Why so many deaths?

Deaths now deaths then

Why so many deaths?

 Why do we fight?

Why do we kill?

Way so many deaths?

 A million deaths

a thousand deaths

Why so many deaths?

Amazing happenings!

IMG_1421Today I held the Olympic torch! I held the Olympic torch and you better believe it because  my whole class did and the best part is we got free Coke because Coke sponsors the 2010 Olympics.           

But I am not here to talk about the Olympics .I believe in the protesters they want better health care which cold save many lives but the Olympics doesn’t save any lives does it ?And the money could to be used to do much more better things like better health care , provide better schools, more Salmon in rivers, and alterative  energy, and  sewage treatment plants and more support for foster kids.

Do you think the money for the Olympics should be used for other things?

Image taken by one of my classmates

So not Sorry !

angry sandwich  sakurako kitsaDoesn’t it make you angry when your bother/sister lies and and your mom/dad believes them? Well here are some tricks for that : first take ten deep breaths then calmly tell your parent when you are calmed down. If it does not work well just calm down and tell your self it will be all good. One thing you have to remember is not to lash out .

Image: Angry Sandwich by Sakurako Kitsa

Do you like Seuss?

dr.sussI don’t like books, but there is one exception. My favourite book is Dr Seuss Green Eggs and Ham. I know it’s a little kids’ book but it’s my favourite book. I love Green Eggs and Ham because it is original and it  hysterical. The book doesn’t make much sense and that’s what I like about it.

Would you eat them
in a box?

Would you eat them
with a fox?

This is my favourite line in this book because it makes me laugh.